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New Animagi Batch: #241-245

For the applicants: your process of becoming an animagus is nearly complete! Here are the choices that you have to choose from as your animagus form. If you're not satisfied with these forms, I'm deeply sorry. You may re-submit a new application, if you wish. I hope you like your options!

Applicant #241: Baird's Tapir, Cougar, Mexican Jaguar, Bobcat
Applicant #242: Persian Cat, Belgian Shepherd, Japanese Weasel, Black Tern
Applicant #243: Dhole, Red Wolf, Bengal Fox, Wildcat
Applicant #244: Australian Raven, European Mink, Persian Leopard, Northern Spotted Owl
Applicant #245: Socotra Cormorant, Puffin, Pacific Gull, Balinese (Cat)

When you have decided on one of your four choices as your animagus form the last step is to write a short 200-600 word essay about how yourself and that animal are similar and connected.
If you're having problems deciding, comment to the next post asking the voters what they were thinking of when assigning their choices to your application.

Remember, it is mandatory to write this essay to become a registered animagus here at HiH. Go here to submit your essay, where your essay will be approved and you'll be given a lovely banner. DEADLINE FOR ALL APPLICANTS TO TURN IN THE ESSAY IS Thursday, April 23.

If you do not submit your application by then, you will lose your choices and have to re-apply.
Don't forget that Wiki is your friend. You can get a wealth of information from it!

Gryffindor: 70 points
alight: 20 points/2 knuts
jessilestrange: 50 points/5 knuts

Hufflepuff: 180 points
brighty18: 50 points/5 knuts + registered animagus points
chewyyyyyy: 50 points/5 knuts + registered animagus points
classical_wolf: 50 points/5 knuts + registered animagus points

Ravenclaw: 270 points
accountingwitch: 50 points/5 knuts + registered animagus points
caketime: 40 points/4 knuts + registered animagus points
et_tu_lj: 50 points/5 knuts + registered animagus points
thebloodoll: 50 points/5 knuts
twilight2shadow: 50 points/5 knuts

Slytherin: 240 points
dani_ha: 40 points/4 knuts
silveredaccents: 50 points/5 knuts + registered animagus points
supremacy_born: 50 points/5 knuts
trivalent: 50 points/5 knuts
valkyrie_lisa: 40 points/4 knuts

Nice job, everyone! See you next time!

Kai//Grey Fox
Tags: new animagi choices

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