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Animagus Voting Rules v.4

Animagus Voting Rules v.4

Welcome to the Animagus community at Hogwarts is Home! You have now arrived at the voting guidelines of our community and if you’re looking to put up your application, head on this way. If you’re wondering about something in regards to the voting process, please proceed.

01 Can I vote?
Everyone who is a sorted member of hogwartsishome is allowed to put in their vote. You do not need to be a member of hih_animagus, though we do encourage you to join.

02 Where do I vote?
The moderators of the community will post Animagus applications every month. These posts will go up around the 1st, and if needed there will be a second post around the 15th of the month. These posts will contain anything between 2 to 6 applications, depending on how the moderator chooses to even out the workload for the month.

These applicants are the ones who need your help to find a suitable animal for them. Pick the animal you think suits them best and post it in a reply to your house’s voting area. There will be a handy textbox for this included in every post.

03 What should my vote look like?
There are a couple of things we want from your votes:

1. Please bold the animal of your choice.
2. Elaborate on why you think this animal is suited for the applicant. All we want is a reason for your choice. You can give this reason in key words, bullet points or in an essay-length answer. It’s up to you!
3. Please sign your vote with your name, house and registered Animagus form if applicable.

04 What should I not do in my vote?
1. Don’t vote for your own application.
2. Don’t vote for an animal that has already been claimed by someone else. You can find the list of claimed animals here
3. Don’t be too vague. We cannot give full points for a vote that says “Penguin”, for the simple reason that if someone claims Penguin no one else can claim a subspecies. A correct vote would be “Emperor Penguin” or “Fairy Penguin”.

05 Can I pick any animal I want?
Yes, you’re welcome to pick any animal you want, as long as it has not been claimed already and its existence has been proved at some point in time. The moderators have decided that mythical animals (including those from the Potterverse) cannot be used for two reasons: (1) Previous applicants have not gotten that opportunity, and we feel it would be unfair if we started giving these options now. (2) There is no evidence in canon of mythical animals being Animagus forms.

06 Can you give me examples of good votes?
Sure, here are some examples used by actual members:

Applicant 000:

I thought the OTHER MAMMALS: Capybara might be suitable for this applicant. She seemed to be after a semi-aquatic animal so that's where I began my search. Although she seemed to want a faster, more aggressive animal, I thought this animal was rather fitting. It's a rather noisy, social creature that prefers warmer habitats.

Applicant 000:

Nocturnal, loner, secretive, liking cats... gracefulness... and the earth... I'm going to go with a large cat... I think the Puma fits best for this applicant because of solitary nature as well as the 'stalk and pounce', because that's what this applicant does to her friends, albeit she gives them gifts instead of eating them, but yeah.

Applicant 000:

First read of this app made me instantly think or a smallish animal with ears that flicker at the softest of sounds/vibrations. I think the neurotic quality really made that initial image for me. Sometimes I think the qualities we think of as negative can really shape us in a more significant way than the positive ones. By knowing your weakness you can utilise it and over come it. I think a Hare would fit her personality the most.

She describes herself as life smart and book smart, as well as being neurotic. She also classes bravery and loyalty (with a dash of smarts) above being devious. The European Brown Hare changes it diet from summer to winter, and although shy in spring it changes its habits and can be seen very opening. These aspects I believe reflect her cleverness, not only with diet (book smart) but with life (shying away from contact of humans etc..) keeping themselves away from harm. Hares live in nests, unlike rabbits who live in vast numbers in warrens and burrows, however you can still find Hares living in close proximity of each other. They are families and not only does this reflect her preference to be around people all the time, but also their loyalty to their kin. I have always though of Hares and rabbits as brave animals, whether that has been effected by Watership Down or not I don't know haha. They might not be the first to attack, but I don't think that is what bravery is about, they are brave enough to protect, which I think it a perfect mix of her choice of bravery and loyalty.

My official vote is OTHER MAMMALS: European Brown Hare

08 Where on earth do I start?
We know this is difficult, especially if you’re new at this, so we have some tips.

A good place to start can be to narrow it down.

This list of species can help you to focus your search. If you know the applicant gives you a canine feel, then it’s easier to focus your search for suitable votes.

If you still don’t know where to even start, Wikipedia’s List of families can be of help to start your searching.
Here is a list of animal names that may inspire you or help you further along.

Google will also be a good place to start.

09 How many points do I get?
The points you can earn are listed below:

10 points/1 knut per elaborated vote. This means the vote is specific, unique and explained.
5 points/1 knut for No Votes. Since a No Vote does not help the moderators or the applicant, we do not award full points for this. However, if the No Vote is accompanied with a good explanation for choosing that vote, we will award 5 points. An acceptable explanation: The applicant didn’t give enough info for me to find a suitable animal.. An unacceptable explanation: I don’t like the applicant/The applicant is pushing for an animal/This is boring.
1 point/1 knut per unexplained vote. This means the vote is either too vague (refer #4, point 3) or doesn’t have any explanation of why you chose this animal.
0 points/0 knuts are awarded to a vote for an already claimed animal. The moderators will try to alert you of this if they catch it in time, but please be thorough when checking the list.
An additional 10 points per batch are awarded to Registered Animagi. This sounds like a very good reason to go apply!

10 What if it is my first time voting and I'm not sure I'm doing everything correctly?
Not to worry! Everyone makes mistakes once in a while and the mods will do their best to let you know before voting ends if something is wrong with your vote.

If you have any questions at all, please let us know in a comment to this post and one of us will get back to you as soon as we can.

Good luck with the voting!
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