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Animagus Application Post:

Animagus Application:
What's Your Inner Animal?

Last Revised : 9.20.07

So, you want to become an Animagus here at HogwartsisHome? Wonderful! Who wouldn't jump at the opportunity? However, before you get started, our specially trained Animagus Instructors need to walk you through a few steps and go over some guidelines.

First, to become an Animagus, you must by the books one through five of the series The Standard Book of Spells. Becoming an Animagus is difficult, as you know, and it helps to have all of the knowledge that you can. I recommend that you save your knuts and purchase your books at hh_diagon from Flourish and Blotts.

After acquiring the required reading, you need to fill out the application below completely, so that we can begin your registration process. Just copy and paste the coding below, answer the questions, add </textarea> to the end of it, and place it below in a comment. If your application will not fit in one comment, you may break it into any number of text areas by copying the text area tags at the beginning and end of your posts.

Note: If your application does not appear in a text area box (as the coding does below) in your comment, you have done the coding wrong. Please delete your post and fix this. All you need to do is add </textarea> to the end of your completed application.

When you are filling out your application, please be detailed in your response. The panel of judges will be trying to place you with an Animagus form - pairing you and your personality with an animal counterpart. Remember that there millions of animals in the world. The more you write, the easier it is for the judges to place you.

After submitting your form, it will go into the queue. The applications will be posted for judging in batches with three forms per each. If there aren't enough applications in the queue, batches will not go up that week. Please be patient. When your application does go up, I will assign you a number. When you register, this will be your official Animagus registration number.


Air, Water, Earth Question Clarification - You may want to ask where fire is in this question. The answer is that this is not so much an elemental question but an environmental/habitat question. Creatures fly through the air, live on the earth, and swim in the sea, but nothing can exist in direct fire. It is true that some aquatic life can live in boiling temperatures, but that isn't fire. And it is true that some microbes can stand extreme temperatures, such as in a volcano, but microbes aren't animals. So, fire is excluded from this question.

Can I Push for an Animal? This is discoraged, but you can not be penalized for pushing here like you can be at platform_934. However, people can disagree with your views, and your push might be misinterpreted.

Do I have to wait for my purchases to be processed at hh_diagon before I apply? No, as long as you provide a link below your application to where you are purchasing your books.

If you have any other questions or comments, fill free to leave a post below. A trained Animagus will get back to you as soon as humanly possible.

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