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Updated Animagus Form Voting Rules:

New to the Animagus Community? Don't worry! We were all there once. This post is here to provide you with the voting guidelines before you jump into everything!

So, here's the deal. At irregular intervals, due to the fact that we may not have enough forms to vote on at the time, one of the Animagus Mods will put up a batch of forms. Each batch consists of three applicants who are curious as to what there Animagus Form would be. It's your job to help them out! Read through each application and wrack your brain to relate them to an animal - any animal under the sun! Once you've figured out what creature you're sure they are, scroll down to the bottom of the post and copy and paste the ballot into a comment under your house voting area (like at the platform) and write your brilliant idea! It's that simple!

When filling out what Animagus Form you think the applicant is, it is best to be as specific as possible. So, you think that they're a canine? What kind of canine? And why? You get one point/one knut for listing the Species Category, but you get an extra four points if you're specific as to what animal you think a person is. Primate/Other Mammal is good, but Primate/Other Mammal : Fox Squirrel is better! Got it? Great!

Need some help with this? Know you want to give an applicant a certin type of lizard, but don't know much about the little buggers? Well, none of us have all of the animal kingdom in our head, but Wikipedia does! Simply type in a common animal - like dolphin - and you'll get a whole variety of sub-species! It's oh-so nifty! And it also gives a ton of info on the animal, so you can match the critter to the applicant's personality exactly! Yay!

A few more things:

Please, bold your votes.

Do NOT vote on your own application!

DO sign your posts with your name and house.

Do NOT vote someone as an animal that someone has already claimed as their Animagus Form. Though, you may give them a sub-species of the same animal - such as Bottle-Nose Dolphin and Dusky Dolphin.

Comments are screened so that we come up with a variety of animals for the applicants to choose from, and to prevent a ton of posts that say 'I agree with so-and-so'.

You do not have to be in the Animagus Community to vote on applications - just a member of HiH.

You may NO VOTE someone only for not providing enough information - NOT for pushing for an animal.

You get 10 extra points for being a Registered Animagus!

Application will normally be placed up on Fridays and voting will end the following Friday, with results up on Saturday or Sunday.


Example Post:

APPLICANT 000: For this applicant I was thinking swan, but since we have two swans, I changed to dove. However, I changed again, and I think I'm sticking with peahen.

Going down the list of questions, she believes herself straight forward; I believe peafowl to be straight forward. I mean, have you ever been chased by a peacock after going into their territory? That's pretty straight forward to me.

She wants her form to have strength and grace. I believe that the peahen is a very beautiful, graceful creature. She can also defend her nest if she needs to, being a rather large bird.

She prefers earth? That's good because, though peafowl can fly, they'd rather stick to the forest ground. They also like warm climates. Also, peahens are active during the evening hours, espically with their hubbies. *smirk*

Peahens are also social creatures, living in a group with other peahens in the area. And finally, what really got me to place her as a peahen was the fact that she likes to experiment with make-up. The female Green Peafowl is just as colourful as the peacock, so rock on colours! Rock on!

My offical vote is BIRDS : Green Peahen.

APPLICANT 000: Again, I got a dog vibe from this applicant, so I'm going to give her greyhound. And, of course, I will explain:

She says that she's extremely good with people. Wiki, yes - the site is my animagi animal bible, says that greyhounds are too! They can get along well with children, dogs and other family pets. Greyhounds are generally loyal, tractable dogs with developed intellects. They are most affectionate towards those that they know and trust. To allow different greyhounds to hunt and race together, aggression towards other dogs and people has been nearly eliminated from the breed, and they are usually as friendly to strangers as they are with their own family.

She mentioned that she doesn't like extreme temperatures. Not having an undercoat coupled with their lack of body fat also means Greyhounds are more susceptible to extreme temperature (heat and cold). Most sources recommend that Greyhounds be housed inside.

And, of course, she said that she wanted to be fast. The Greyhound is the second fastest accelerating land mammal, beaten only by the cheetah; a combination of long, powerful legs, deep chest and aerodynamic build allows it to reach speeds of up to 39.15 mph in less than one and a half seconds, or within 6 strides.

Oh, yeah. She like amusement parks? Greyhound was the name of several roller coasters in the United States and Canada! None of these rides operate today. *tear* Yeah. . . that was lame on my part. Sorry . . . *smirk*

So, my offical vote is CANINE : Greyhound.

APPLICANT 000: With this applicant, I was like - omg, she's so much like a dolphin that it almost seems like she's pushing for it. But then I got to her little speil about the otter, and I'm like - oh, that's what she's pushing for. Heh. Which isn't a bad thing and I totally agree with it, but. . . I'm still like - dolphin!

But what dolphin? There are a lot. I'm going to go with the dusky because of their extemely active nature and their love of acrobatics. She says that she wants to be graceful in the water, and I find dolphins to be just that. They are also extremly quick swimmers - that was important to her as well.

Her application is very water, swimming, water, smimming - dolphin!

She enjoys chatting and singing. Dolphins are extremly chatty creatures. She is also afraid of sharks, which can be a large threat to dolphins in the wild. Dolphins are also large attention seekers and show-offs in captivity and out, which matches up with her worst trait. Plus, dolphins live in warmer waters, which matches her warm answer. They are also very playful and enjoy games and such.

My offical vote is FISH/AQUATIC MAMMALS : Dusky Dolphin.

The above sample post is pretty long, but they each are nice examples of relating a person to the animal form that you are giving them. Keep all things in mind!

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask them below! I'll get to them ASAP!
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