Shinies for our voters + registry

petit_rhino and I have decided to make banners for this term's most loyal animagus voters. Behind the cut I have banners for mmailliw, d_andru, beautifulbluee, and dragongirl3745. 5 more of you will get banners from Flo!

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While I've got you here, I'd also like to let you know about the Animagus Registry. It lists all animagus forms that have been chosen here with links to the applicants' essays. It has been updated so that all inactive forms are once again grayed out (due to LJ wonkiness, the old HTML stopped working). Some people might find this list useful, so give it a peruse if you want!
made by erzsebet.

April Animagus Choices #568-570

Yellow-crowned Night Heron
Bactrian Deer
Northwest Coast Coyote
European Otter
Smooth-coated Otter
Red-billed Tropicbird
Banker Horse
Green Kingfisher
Peregrine Falcon
Brown Fur Seal
Bahaman Raccoon
Striped Polecat

The process of becoming an animagus is nearly complete! Above are the options you may choose to settle into as your final animagus form. If you're not satisfied with these choices, we are deeply sorry and if you wish you may re-submit a new application. We hope you love your choices!

When you have decided which of the four choices will be your animagus form, the final step to mastering the transformation is to write a short 200 - 600 word essay about the connection you share with that animal. If you're having problems deciding, feel free to comment to this post asking for more feedback or discussion & be sure to include your Animagus number!

Remember, it is mandatory to write this essay to become a registered animagus here at HiH. Go here to submit your essay, where your essay will be approved and you'll be given a lovely banner. The deadline for all applicants to turn in their essay is Tuesday 8th of May. If you do not submit your application by then, you will lose your choices and have to re-apply.

For those interested here are the forms that #564-#567 picked:
564 - Northwest African Cheetah, 565 - Fishing Cat, 566 - Wedge-tailed Eagle, 567 - California Valley Coyote

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We're still trying out posting the votes in the comments to see if you like it and whether it takes a lot of time for the mods. Please share your thoughts!
You can still comment and say "hey, that was my vote!" and applicants still have to choose between the 4 choices listed above.
Other ladybug

Voting survey results

Here’s a compilation of the results from this survey. Sorry, this came a little later than I would've wanted.

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Now what?
It’s great to know what people are thinking about the Animagus process, but the point is to actually improve it so that more people can enjoy it and participate. We also want to think through any changes, no point in change for the sake of it. Because this takes time and term XXII is coming to an end, we can’t promise you anything more for the end of the term, but Chelsea and I have compiled some information and ideas for the next mods about:
- A voting guide (a lot of you also posted comments with tips for new or confused voters),
- Advice for new applicants (making sure applications have relevant information for voters),
- A survey about the application form,
- Ideas on how to make a cheat sheet.

Congrats to _morning_glow & rhye who will be our new mods for Term XXIII!